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DUET stories Volume III: A Chorus of Voices

In this book, Paige and Griffin (from DUET stories Volume I and II) encounter another couple, Tristan and Lana, and find they have more in common – a lot more in common – than just their love of life, music and friendship.  Through a set of mysterious circumstances, the two couples discover a shared past – to the 1600s Ottoman Empire, the land of Sultans, harems, gurus, and sacred sexuality – that explains their present life and lessons in a profound, beautiful and deeply meaningful way.

Tune into the harmony of their stories in A Chorus of Voices.

This book answers the questions…

  •   Were they destined to meet?
  •   Had they known each other before?
  •   What happens after “happily ever after?”
  •   Why was Tristan afraid of being touched?  Why did he need control?
  •   Were they born again to be together?


Follow their journey in A Chorus of Voices. 

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