DUET stories

Lose yourself in the fiction… Find yourself in the truth.












Have you ever wondered if you've known someone…before?
Whether souls are destined to be together? 

When Paige and Griffin meet, there's an instant connection. As their relationship develops, they discover a shared history spanning multiple lifetimes. But are the forces of fate conspiring to keep them together – or trying to pull them apart?

In these smart-sexy-fun Metaphysical Romance novels, explore the mystery of a deep, powerful soul connection and why souls are born again to be together. 

DUET stories.  Lose yourself in the fiction… find yourself in the truth.


DUET stories Volume I:
The Song Begins

Book Duet 1

Volume I Adult Version
Volume I PG Version

Volume I Paperback (PG)

DUET stories Volume II:
The Tempo Builds

Book Duet 2-large

Volume II Adult Version
Volume II PG Version

Volume II Paperback (PG)

DUET stories Volume III:
A Chorus of Voices

Book Duet 3-large

Volume III Adult Version 
Volume III PG Version

Volume III Paperback (PG)

DUET stories Volume IV: Repercussions

Book Duet 4-large

Volume IV Adult Version
Volume IV PG Version

Volume IV Paperback (PG)