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Accept the Wind

Accept The Wind

by Brownell Landrum

There’s a message in the ethers
A signal in the smoke
You brush it off; it’s coincidence
A trick or a joke

But when it keeps on happening
So much you can’t deny
You might just start listening
To the voices in the sky

Like a weeping willow
Your branches have to bend
Let the feelings rush all over you
Accept the wind

It can come in a dream
A letter or a song
Absorb it while you can
It might not stay long

A spark of recognition
A trick of the light
Something you almost see
Periphery of sight

It’s a force undefined
Yet you can’t deny it’s there
That rush of inspiration
The whisper in the air

Take a deep breath, my love
Open up and let it in
The answer is inside of you
Accept the wind

Life is truly beautiful
A future with no end
Joy exponential, when you
Accept the wind