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DUET stories Volume I: The Song Begins

How do you know if a relationship is “meant to be?”  There is so much excitement, passion and uncertainty at the beginning of a relationship.  “Is he ‘the one?’”  “Is she into me?”  “What's he thinking?”  “What does she want?”  “Am I screwing this up?”  “Is this going somewhere?”  “Why hasn't he….?”  “Why won't she…?”

When Paige and Griffin meet, there's an instant connection.  Not just a strong physical and intellectual attraction, but also a compelling desire to be together.  Yet they face obstacles that make them question if they have a shared destiny.  

Paige, a 37-year-old independent, successful entrepreneur is happy with her life and has fun, supportive friends.  Griffin is a former corporate executive who trades in his formerly ambition-driven life for a more relaxed, fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle.  

Follow their journey from the first moment in The Song Begins.  

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