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Music & Quotes

To see (and share!) some quotes from DUET the stories books, see below:

The Music of DUET

Music is a crucial component of DUET stories!  Music helps the characters express themselves and it provides readers with an expanded way to experience the emotions, thoughts and minds of the characters.

To see the lyrics from the original songs written for DUET by Brownell, click here.

DUET stories wants to pay tribute to all the composers, artists and musicians showcased in our books.  To see a list of the songs referenced in our books, click below:

 Songs in DUET stories Volume I: The Song Begins

 Songs in DUET stories Volume II: The Tempo Builds

 Songs in DUET stories Volume III: A Chorus of Voices

 Songs in DUET stories Volume IV: Repercussions

Note: If you’re a songwriter, composer or artist and have some music our books have inspired you to create, contact us to share!

By popular demand!  Here’s a list of quotes throughout Brownell’s books:  (Feel free to re-quote, just please include the source.  Thanks!)